Bully Max Dog Supplements

Bully Max Dog Supplements

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Tina J.


Wasent sure what to expect since there shit load of dog builders. So i took chance to let my STAFFORDSHIRE terrier try this he acually loves the tastebut make sure to add abit of water so it dont get stuck on tongue first day i was able to see energy take in about 15 mins to kick in. I feed him one in am one in pm. Day 5 i see result in. Muscle and have beem giving some to my older dog since he old loss of muscles so i got him on it and he acually walking better without falling and he not always in bed 99% 9f tue time he acually walks around house withput tripping or falling. I glad i got to try this i am also deaf so these are my serv8ces dogs :) thanks gorilla for making my dog walk again. Hoping it bring some muscles in his back legs looks promising thanks
Eduardo Martínez

It actually works!!!!!!!!!

I adopted a 4 year old shepherd from the shelter,he looked under weight,ribs showing hip bones also showing. he did not want to eat nothing at all,tryed several different foods he would just smell and walk away.Did this for a whole week .Took him to the vet everything was fine...... Finally decided to try bully Max he finished his whole bowl...Amen !!!! Saw a change in his weight no more ribs showing gained his weight back looks solid ,coat looks amazing!! No he waits desperately for his kibble,also have him on the Medical vet!! Stuff really works..good job bully Max 100% ..will keep buying. Luis Hernandez
Mike Jennings

Definitely recommend this food!!

My 2 dogs absolutely love it!! They used to get Blue Buffalo Freedom. Now I'm already seeing more muscle definition. One of my dogs developed food allergies. Freedom was good, his scratching definitely slowed down. With Bully Max though its almost non-existent.
Shelby Burak

Works just like it says it does

I'm starting to see the cuts and definition on my dogs more since I started using Bully Max. I'm thinking about entering them in Body Building Competitions now. Thanks for this great product. The mass that my dogs are gaining is unbelievable but, please believe. The proof is in the pudding and everybody that see my babies , can't stop raving about them. I use Bully Max in conjunction with Red Cell and the growth is PHENOMINAL.I wish I could do a COMMERCIAL FOR THIS PREODUCT.
Carlos Aguilar


Can you give it to them while they are pregnant???!?
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