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Melissa Runnels

Seeing Great Results

Bella is my Apbt .She just finished her 1st month of Bully Max Total Health Supplements. Ive most definately noticed her starting to gain weight. But not too quickly. Just a little at a time naturally. So no she didnt blow up overnight to a ridiculous body or muscle mass. Iam seeing a difference and im noting her progress with pictures for comparison. Also I was very surprised to notice all the great changes in her coat. Now that DID begin almost immediately. Her hair is much thicker already. Her coat is shiny and even looks healthier if thats possible and her blue coloring even looks more vibrant. I cant get over how healthy her coat is. I was concerned with that because she has acute skin issues. With her blue coloring it somehow causes dry skin or thinning hair in some places. Well since shes been on this supplement ALL the thinning spots have completely filled in as if she never had that problem!! That is what I think im most amazed with and thankful for. Shes an APBT and coming up on her 1st breeding in May. We want her as healthy as possible for the puppies' health as well as her own. I now feel so much more confident about the breeding seeing her overall health improvement as of yet. I cant wait to see her results by May.
Mario Madrid

I’m a believer!!!!!!

To be honest, at first I was skeptical. My nephew had to me about it before but it was to good to believe. One day I decided to try this product. I order a 2 months supply. I had given my dog one full bottle already but didn’t see any improvement that everyone is talking about. Recently I took my dog in for grooming there I saw another dog just like mine same age and all. The difference was amazing. My dog was looking great. I’m now a believer. Thanks Bully Max, I’m a customer for life.
John Noah

My 5 week switching to raw diet

I have a 9 week old now bulky but decided with the raw diet to add calories and vitamins he might not be getting at such young age away from mom that quit nursing. He was almost 6 pounds when we got him. He at 8 weeks was 25,7 pounds and a beast. Love all bully max products
Micha Martinez


I'm satisfied with my order. My Gotti Razor Edge Bully is 12 weeks she was 7lbs when I got her first visit to the vet that's what she weighed. Now she has been on bullymax for 3 weeks and weights in at 16 pounds that's a whole 9 pounds of pure muscle mass. Don't forget she was the only survivor and the runt of litter it's sad. I thank God I got her.

Great product

Awesome products they work as stated iv had my pit mix for 2.5 mo now and his coat is shiny black and healthy. When I first got him he was 4 month and 43.5 pounds now he is a muscled 65.5 pounds bully max is legit weight gainer and muscle builder. ...
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